CASE:Jiahuan Leisure Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Hejiahuan leisure products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., located in Longgang, is a manufacturing enterprise mainly producing sleeping bags, furniture sets, car sets and boat sets. A sudden epidemic has completely disrupted hejiahuan's plan to start construction at the end of January 2020. Facing the backlog of orders, the customer's delivery date is imminent. Factory director Liao can only try his best to return to work as soon as possible. Through online reporting and submission of materials, and the preparation of sufficient epidemic prevention materials, regular comprehensive killing, the establishment of isolation rooms, safety production training for employees and other effective measures, hejiahuan stood out from more than 800 enterprises that submitted applications in Longgang District, passed the on-site verification of Longgang safety supervision office, and met the standard of resumption of work and production, Longgang street has obtained the first consent for the resumption of work and production after this year's festival, which has officially opened the "war epidemic" of hejiahuan's resumption of work.

In October 2019, the first mock exam of workplace cooperation was launched in SCORE. Due to the epidemic situation, the offline enterprise visit originally scheduled for January 2020 was postponed to April 24. Through this visit, the trainer found that during the epidemic, the EIT team of hejiahuan had a lot of joy outside the epidemic through cooperation in the workplace, and really put what they learned into practice.
The first mock exam came to members of the EIT group to know the situation of resumption and resumption of production during the epidemic situation, and let us talk about some of the gains and feelings of the first module. After opening the chatterbox, everyone expressed their views. Managers and front-line employees from various workshops such as packaging, cutting bed and procurement spoke in turn. We found that hejiahuan has made remarkable achievements in the following aspects in its two-month return to work experience:
01 doubling productivity through workplace collaboration
In the epidemic stage, enterprises returning to work generally face the problem of delivery date. When hejiahuan resumed work on February 10, only 180 people came to the factory, and the resumption rate and production rate were less than 50%. There was a big gap between the cumulative order quantity and the actual delivery quantity, and the delivery date of goods became a great challenge. They are very busy with the punctuality of delivery. At this time, the communication and cooperation of various departments are more important than usual. Through the first mock exam and baseline visit of SCORE, plus the three online courses during the epidemic period, the team felt the importance of workplace cooperation. In particular, the mutual support of each department and the relevant cooperation between various processes have made everyone communicate a lot more than before. In particular, discussing how to do well in on-time delivery has become the most concerned problem.
After communication, we found that optimizing the process flow is the first step to improve production efficiency. The cutting machine is a front-end process, which is very important for efficiency and quality. If the materials have color difference in quality and different colors, the unclassified materials are prone to color mixing after they go to the production workshop. In the past, when such problems were encountered, the workshop site often needs to spend a lot of time separating the materials of the same color. It not only consumes man hours, but also easily causes friction in the front and rear processes. To solve this problem, EIT team members proposed to control from the source, optimize the process and improve efficiency and quality. After the materials are delivered out of the warehouse, the cutting department specially arranged experienced teachers to open and bind the materials separately, so as to reduce the color difference as much as possible. The materials that previously took a few days to classify and sort out at the production site are now put into the cutting process in the previous section, which can be completed in a few hours. This measure has greatly improved the overall quality and production efficiency, and it has rarely been returned due to color difference recently. It not only reduces manpower waste, but also makes the cooperation between departments more pleasant.
02 change "material" into treasure through rationalization suggestions
During the epidemic period, a major requirement for resumption of work and production is to have sufficient epidemic prevention materials, and masks are undoubtedly necessary for all enterprises. Work will resume on February 10. Where can I find enough masks? Through inventory, we found that there were 3000 masks in the past, which just met the requirements of local resumption of work. However, there are nearly 360 employees in hejiahuan factory. If all employees return to work, there will be a big gap in masks. Everyone must know how difficult it is to buy masks in February. At this difficult time, some employees proposed that there were non-woven fabrics and melt blown fabrics in the inventory! With these raw materials, why not try to produce them for your own use? What's more, there are several excellent typesetters in the factory. It's hard for them to defeat such a small thing as masks. Just do it. Under the leadership of the factory director, we found nearly a ton of melt blown cloth and worked hard to produce our own masks. Because there are enough raw materials, hundreds of thousands of masks can be produced. During the resumption of work, the masks used for emergency can be produced by ourselves, which can fully meet the demand. This thorny problem can be solved easily! We have estimated that according to the current price of raw materials and finished products of masks, hundreds of thousands have been saved for the factory at once!
03 save production cost and improve product quality by finding waste
By "turning materials into treasure", we found that the inventory and raw materials that had not been paid attention to before were simply life-saving straw at the critical moment. Thus, the production workshop began to pay more attention to waste.
1. Enhance the awareness of cost saving during handling, and pay attention to keeping the floor clean, so as to greatly reduce the return caused by dirt in the original handling process.
2. Improve the technology of lathe workers. Through technical training and hand-to-hand teaching, the waste of raw materials is reduced.
3. Optimize the cutting and use process of raw materials. After the cutting machine is finished, the surplus materials of large parts can be used as small parts; Small spare parts are used first, and the priority principle of first cooperation and first use is adopted, which not only reduces waste, but also eliminates friction between processes.
4. Check the packaging of quality inspection to prevent rework and return due to packaging. Before December 2019, there are three or four returns per month; Now it is reduced to one. Everyone obviously feels that the cost is saved and the quality is improved.
5. Through internal communication, the information sharing of the procurement and packaging departments has been strengthened. Especially during the epidemic period, many raw material suppliers have not returned to work and production. Therefore, the information of the procurement and packaging departments needs to be synchronized in time. Through effective information sharing, the waiting time for work and materials is reduced.
04 ensure safe production through effective epidemic prevention and control
Safety production is particularly important during the resumption of work. The company's safety department actively cooperates with the local government, actively communicates with everyone internally, and has taken many effective epidemic prevention measures.
1. Reduce dining risks by planning reasonable dining routes in the canteen: in the past, the canteen was open, but now some aisles are closed to realize the flow of epidemic prevention routes. At the same time, it is also required to keep a safe distance through the grid line on the ground when taking meals. When eating, two people at one table eat in the same direction; And the original meal time of 5 minutes per shift was extended to 10 minutes; Ensure that each batch of diners will not cross eat.
2. Isolation room shall be set in the plant area to implement isolation inside; After the personnel leaving the factory or leaving the province return to the factory and pass the test, they should be isolated independently for one week. During the isolation period, the canteen will distribute meals. This also effectively reduces the frequency and risk of going out, and effectively ensures the safety of the plant.
3. Publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge shall be carried out through the bulletin board of the plant, and sufficient epidemic prevention articles shall be provided to urge everyone to do a good job in safety protection and ensure safe production in terms of consciousness and action.
Through the communication and visit with EIT team, hejiahuan left a very deep impression on the trainer. With the cooperation of score's workplace, the joy outside the "epidemic" has been brought. It has to be said that the resumption of work and childbirth of hejiahuan during the epidemic has been ahead.
Director Liao also sighed:
During the novel coronavirus pneumonia, some workers in the factory were unable to get the post of epidemic control and the departments were generally lack of people, and they must support each other. Take office as the first mock exam. 2 of the 3 people in the family health care unit are Wuhan, and are unable to work for 2 months. Many tasks must be supported by other personnel, while the substitutes are not understanding enough. They also need to assist the parties at home to complete the task and fully display the cooperation of the first module.
Due to the impact of the epidemic, suppliers outside the plant generally start work very late, resulting in waiting for materials in the plant. After the purchasing personnel try their best to urge the materials into the plant, there is often no spare time for production and packaging. All departments must coordinate and support each other to reduce the production time to meet the requirements of shipment. Abandon the concept of departmentalism, take the interests of the whole plant as the goal, and significantly improve the efficiency and working hours.
Through the first mock exam, we saw that the company's cooperation through SCORE's first module has achieved remarkable results, and it has proved the importance of the whole staff participation in the improvement of enterprises.