Sustaining COmpetitive and Responsible Enterprises 

Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is a practical training and workplace improvement programme. The key intervention of the programme is SCORE Training, which combines practical classroom training with in-factory consulting.

The Training demonstrates best international practice in the manufacturing and service sectors and helps SMEs to participate in global supply chains.SCORE is a technical cooperation programme initiated by the ILO and implemented globally in 32 countries. It aims at improving responsible workplace practices and increasing productivity among SMEs through professional training and in-factorycounselling.

SCORE Training: a tool to drive sustainability and productivity

SCORE Training is a globally recognised training programme for small and medium-sized suppliers that:

  • Reduces costs, waste and environmental impact
  • Upgrades the working environment
  • Increases process systemisation
  • Strengthens communication and activates joint problem solving
  • Promotes the use of measurement to drive continuous improvement

SCORE SCORE Training Features
  • Practical approach, combing classroom training with on-site consulting, tailored to meet specific enterprise/ industry needs.
  • Based on lean manufacturing methods used by world-class corporations.
  • Involves workers in factory improvement efforts and turns the workforce into a competitive advantage.
  • Supports the enterprise growth from traditional manufacturer to global supplier.
  • Provides value for money- cost of the training is often recovered within the first few months of implementation.

SCORE Training Results