The key to the sustainability of the SCORE : staff engagement and long-term mechanisms

Ltd. was established in March 1997 exclusively by the former Provincial High-grade Highway Investment Co. It is the first and the only overseas listed state-owned enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and one of the core member enterprises of Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Investment Group when it was established.

The Shaoxing Management Office of Zhejiang Hu-Hang-Ningbo Expressway is subordinate to Zhejiang Hu-Hang-Ningbo Expressway Company Limited. The Management Office was established in 1995 and was co-located with the Shang-Sheng Management Office of Shang-San Expressway in 2004. The management office consists of 5 sections, 6 toll management offices and 1 operation management sub-centre, with a total of 444 employees at present.

Since April 2019, the Shaoxing Management Office has been listed as a pilot unit of the SCORE project by the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Company to carry out work related to the first module "Workplace Cooperation" and the fifth module "Occupational Safety and Health".

Key issues identified

In April 2019, the consultant made his first visit to the Shaoxing Management Office. Through initial communication with the leadership team and middle management, he learnt that the Shaoxing Office, as a listed state-owned motorway operating enterprise, had passed the three system certifications and had a sound management system of its own. The unit passed the safety production standardisation national level assessment, and the upper and lower levels attach great importance to safety issues. But also found that due to institutional problems, staff initiative to participate in the management of the enterprise less awareness, the usual mode of communication and exchange, natural suggestions are also less.

How to give full play to the subjective initiative of front-line staff, improve the sense of ownership, to achieve from the directive management mode, to the score advocate of the bottom-up management mode of change. The Shaoxing Management Office has made great efforts and put in a lot of brains by improving on-site management, opening up communication bottlenecks, tapping into the wisdom potential and encouraging and motivating staff to make more suggestions.

Improvement projects and measures

I. Full preparation and strong mobilization

Since the SCORE project launch and mobilisation meeting held on 29 April, the Shaoxing Division has strengthened the atmosphere and publicity, making full use of exhibition boards, brochures and other materials to promote the project, and consultants have also led teams to carry out popular education at the grassroots level, which has been warmly welcomed by frontline staff. At the same time, under the high priority of the leadership team, the Shaoxing Division jointly formulated the SCORE project promotion labour competition programme with the trade unions to further enhance the motivation of the staff. The EIT team was set up in Shaoxing Division, with a total of 14 members, including 6 frontline staff and 8 managers, 8 men and 6 women, with two other secretaries.

II. Careful planning and enrichment activities

A Development platform

In order to facilitate front-line staff to make suggestions, reduce the workload of the EIT team liaison officers to pass on layers of work and improve the efficiency of collecting rationalized suggestions, the Shaoxing Division actively developed the "SCORE Project Staff Suggestion Collection Platform", which is deeply integrated with the "bottom-up" concept of the SCORE Project. The platform is deeply integrated with the SCORE project's "bottom-up" concept and adopts visual management, so employees can simply scan the code to complete the reporting of suggestions, which is well received by employees.

B Preparation of tabloids

In order to showcase the SCORE project to all staff, the Shaoxing Division prepared two issues of SCORE tabloid by the Safety Management Section to publicise and promote the SCORE project and further motivate staff.

C Collecting cards with prizes

In order to further promote the fifth module of the SCORE project and to make the activities more interesting and ritualistic, the Shaoxing Division has introduced the activity of collecting cards for gifts in 2020 on top of the original three levels of rewards. In short, once an employee's rationalised suggestion is adopted, he or she will receive a thank you card, and once the employee has collected a certain number of thank you cards, he or she can exchange them for small gifts such as notebooks and umbrellas at the EIT team secretariat. At the end of the year, the Shaoxing Division will also select an "Annual Popularity King" based on the adoption of rationalised suggestions throughout the year.

Learning from the past and improving together

Under the guidance of the Company's Safety Supervision and Management Department, the Shaoxing Division and the pilot units communicated and exchanged ideas on a number of occasions to enhance the sharing of information and the promotion and application of superior management ideas, with the pilot units of the SCORE project serving as models for each other and learning from each other. SCORE project and exchanged views on the problems encountered and management ideas of the SCORE project.

Results and Impact

(1) High number of proposals

Since the launch of the SCORE project, staff from all units (departments) of the Shaoxing Division have actively contributed ideas, creating an atmosphere of improvement for all staff. By June 2020, a total of 42 EIT meetings (including 27 secondary meetings) had been held, 210 improvement proposals had been made and implemented, and 198 improvements had been completed.

Hardcore epidemic prevention , staff come up with brilliant ideas

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of joint prevention and control of epidemics, the staff of Shaoxing Division brought their talents into play, especially the members of the EIT team in the SCORE project of the management office, fully listened to the suggestions made by the frontline staff in the course of their work and used the existing tools for improvement and processing, achieving notable epidemic prevention results. These include "epidemic prevention curtains" at toll booths, "special channels" for epidemic prevention and disinfection, simple disinfection devices for CPC cards, automatic induction taps and smart radio reminder devices, and other epidemic prevention measures to energise and win the battle.

(2) Large scale of rewards

The Shaoxing Division has set up a special reward fund. After the suggestions are reviewed and confirmed by the EIT team, the submitters of the suggestions will be rewarded depending on their quality. As of the end of 2020, the Shaoxing Division has collectively rewarded a total of 215 rationalized suggestions, with a total amount of 3,190 yuan; meanwhile, a total of more than 120,000 yuan of special and merit awards have been issued throughout the year; in 2019, the Artemisia Dam Institute score labor competition winning unit was selected.

(3) Generate high benefits

A. Scrap material cleaning work, generating benefits of more than 100,000 yuan.

B. Development of salt spreading operation standards, expected to save 50,000 yuan per year.

(4) Staff "gutsy"

"If you don't give a solution, we won't make suggestions next time." This is a scene from a conversation between the staff and the director at the EIT meeting, which shows the "intensity" of the situation. The speaker at the meeting was Zhu Tingting from the Shaoxing office, discussing the proposed safety measures for the escalators in the Shaoxing office's underpass. Certain measures had already been taken, but there was still room for improvement, so Zhu Tingting brought it up again at this meeting, and it was thought that we could look at it again and assess the effect before deciding. But Zhu Tingting thought that it was a matter of employee safety that could not be "delayed", hence the opening scene.

Inspiration and continuous improvement

(1) The leadership attaches importance to the rationalisation of issues on the ground.

The leaders of the management office regularly attend the EIT work meetings, review and approve the issues personally, and for issues that are difficult to implement, the main leaders and leaders in charge of the management office issue work contact sheets to the responsible departments, and through the form of leadership assignment sheets, solve the problems in the implementation of SCORE issues one by one, so that employees can feel the changes brought by the SCORE project, and the motivation of employees has also been improved.

(2) Carefully organised, EIT meetings have a sense of ritual.

EIT meetings need to be carefully organised, from the collection of topics, the production of PPTs for the meetings, the preparation of materials, the tracking of the implementation of the topics and the distribution of awards, etc. The secretary needs to organise the planning carefully. At the same time, in order to make the EIT meeting ritualistic and to do a good job of not missing out on the prescribed actions, we actively innovate the EIT meeting agenda and make the meeting ritualistic by issuing SCORE thank you cards, 5S contest, advanced unit evaluation and other innovative activities.

(3) Ongoing, habit-forming process.

The EIT team members regularly take pictures of the office and compound environment and set up an "exposure desk" to continuously urge staff to Strictly implement the 5S standard management. At the same time, staff are issued with "21-day habit formation" cards and are required to clock in every day to develop good professionalism.

Lessons learnt

Staff attention, participation and enthusiasm are key to the sustainability of the SCORE project. The number of staff suggestions is a direct indicator of how to maintain the enthusiasm of the staff and how to establish a long-term mechanism. This is in line with the objective law of development, which is related to the fading of freshness.
We believe that it is important to maintain the interest of the staff in the implementation of the project, in terms of its original intention, our commitment and the personal interests of the staff. Adequate publicity is launched to explain the reasoning; carefully designed activities to attract the attention of the staff; attention is paid to the real implementation of the staff's suggestions, and there are answers to everything, so that the staff can experience a sense of gain, achievement and honour. Over time, the formation of a positive interactive relationship, the formation of a win-win situation.