Abstract: many young partners who have just become consultants often have such doubts: what should they do next after becoming consultants? How to do consulting for enterprises? What preparations need to be made during this period? In this interview, we invited Mr. Wang Xiaowei. After becoming a consultant, Mr. Wang followed the expert trainer Mr. Jia Hongwei to completely follow up the whole process of score project. Mr. Wang will share his experience, experience and experience during this period. Let's keep looking down!
Q: It's a great honor to invite Mr. Wang Xiaowei to share your story with score today. How did you learn about score?
A: In September 2019, I learned about the score project in an exchange activity in the national finals of the second national entrepreneurship training lecturer competition. I heard about score for the first time in this activity. Later, I checked the relevant materials of the project through the Internet, and I especially looked forward to an opportunity to learn and practice.
I didn't expect the opportunity to come so quickly. When I participated in an entrepreneurship Trainer Certification in Beijing in December that year, president Zhang Xian (score expert trainer) taught us as an expert trainer of the entrepreneurship training program of the Ministry of human resources and social security. I knew president Zhang. Since then, I have been paying attention to the relevant information of score consultant training.
Q: What prompted you to sign up for the score consultant training?
A: On the one hand, it is because of the influence of president Zhang Xian's personality charm, especially her profound knowledge accumulation and very practical training methods. I think I have to learn from such an excellent teacher.
On the other hand, I was attracted by the score project, because at that time, my own company also needed an upgrade in management, and the two factories invested by the company urgently needed to improve their basic management ability. Therefore, I think score should be an important window and platform for the development of our company and my personal growth.
Q: What kind of project do you think score is?
A: From nearly a year's study and practice, combined with my usual thinking on the project, I think score project is a project that helps enterprises stimulate endogenous power, make use of their own resources, consolidate management foundation, make up for enterprise development weaknesses, reduce business risks and improve internal efficiency through a set of effective consulting and training methods, so as to realize sustainable development.
To put it bluntly, it means outputting a statement, teaching a set of practices, forming a series of methods and changing a living method. Different from various business consulting and training in other societies, score's method must be grounded and combined with the actual situation of the enterprise. Score refuses to preach and fight chicken blood. It continues to see a better face, image and benefits of the enterprise through the process of long-term persistence, daily arch and silent moistening.
Q: Do you have any difficulties in learning score? How did you solve it?
A: When it comes to difficulties, I think it would be better to use the word "challenge". This year I studied with Mr. Jia Hongwei. Mr. Jia said a word that benefited me very much. During the training, he told EIT members: when we encounter problems, we try to regard them as challenges rather than difficulties. You know, difficulties and challenges are very different from our attitude towards solving problems. When it comes to difficulties, we may subjectively give it too much difficulty, but when it comes to challenges, we feel that challenges must be met. Therefore, we should use more challenges and less difficulties.
The challenges I encounter mainly come from two aspects:
One is cognitive bias. I'm in the northwest. I used to think that compared with the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, there must be a big gap in the enterprise volume and management level of our customers. After the visit, I found that there was a gap, but it was not as big as I expected. With the guidance of senior teacher Jia Hongwei, this cognitive bias was naturally eliminated. To sum up, good enterprises may have their own secrets of success, but enterprises that need to improve their management level can find their commonalities in many problems, and these commonalities can be better optimized and improved through score.
Second, industry knowledge. My usual customer groups are mostly metallurgical, building materials, chemical and other industrial processing enterprises. During the score visit with Mr. Jia, we went to a light industrial enterprise in Ningbo. The process span is relatively large, so my knowledge system needs to be updated in time.
The above two challenges, with my usual way of solving problems, are actually easy to solve. I am used to exploring my own problems first, such as stationery processing technology, main machinery and equipment, etc. I can supplement and update relevant information by searching on the Internet. In addition, during my usual visit, I will remember the problems I don't understand and consult the factory EIT members and Mr. Jia Hongwei in time.
Q: We understand that you are very active in following up the project with expert trainers. How could you have thought of following up the project completely? What kind of improvement or change has this process made to you?
A: At the beginning, I wanted to follow up a project completely. In fact, it was mainly based on the following three reasons:
First, after attending the consultant training, I feel that one visit is not enough for me to combine the knowledge learned in the training with the enterprise, so I need to further consolidate what I have learned through a complete process.
Second, because of Miss Jia. Through the first visit, I deeply felt Mr. Jia's distinctive expert style and personal charm. I think I can't miss such an excellent expert and such a good learning opportunity.
Third, for personal reasons. I usually have a lot of work pressure. I need to go out regularly to breathe, relieve my work pressure, get nutrition from another platform, and then continue to return to my work.
In the process of following up the project, the growth is also obvious:
First, we have a comprehensive perception and learning of how the consulting technology and theoretical methods of the project are implemented in the enterprise, and we have also seen real effects and benefits. Our recognition and love for the project have been further strengthened.
Second, I got to know the expert trainers and staff of our college, the managers of the factory and the relevant principals of Party A. from them, I saw many points worth learning, such as communication methods, efficiency tools and values, which made me realize that if I want to become better, I must strive to be with excellent people.
Third, through in-depth touch and Research on the enterprise, bring what I have learned to my job and provide new ideas; What I see, hear and feel in the enterprise will form a case and bring it to my class, so that more people and more enterprise managers can benefit.
In addition, my own management concept, cognitive concept and communication methods have entered a new stage. Recently, I made a user manual for Wang Xiaowei by combining the cooperation in the workplace and some information collected at ordinary times, and then shared it with the team members who communicate with me every day. This user manual describes how I expect you to work, how you communicate with me, and what my minefield and bottom line are, There is also a knowledge system: what can I provide you, how can I support you, what I'm not good at, how should you support me, etc. These are some results slowly derived from the process of following up the project.
Q: Are there any difficult or unforgettable things to share with you during the visit?
A: First of all, I am most grateful to treasure teacher Jia Hongwei. From the baseline survey to every visit, and even the progress report submitted to the Research Institute and Party A, Mr. Jia guided me unreservedly and carefully. I was impressed that in every meeting, including the arrangement of speaking order and the selection of participants, Mr. Jia would tell me what to consider in doing so. Even Mr. Jia unreservedly recommended the delicious food and wine in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to me. Ha ha, I feel that I have gained all the knowledge I want to harvest, and even the unexpected Mr. Jia has shared it with me.
Secondly, the most touching thing is everyone's sense of responsibility and feelings for the score project. Because I started from Gansu every time I visited, and the distance was relatively long, Mr. Jia would arrange the trip with me in advance. On July 24 this year, we communicated with Party A and the factory to carry out M5 visit and M2 training in Ningbo. Although we knew the typhoon "fireworks" was coming a week in advance, the representatives of Party A, the factory management, Mr. Jia and I are looking forward to the smooth progress of this visit. Before taking off, Mr. Jia also told me that there was a Guanyin Bodhisattva in Ningbo. Every typhoon will play a role, but this typhoon still went straight to Ningbo. Although I couldn't get to Zhejiang because of the typhoon and the visit was cancelled, what I felt was that everyone wanted to do a good job in this visit. I was very moved by everyone's sense of responsibility and feelings for this matter.
The third point is that I realize the importance of mobilizing and relying on grass-roots employees, and I also understand that this is the most important core concept of score. Whether employees can effectively participate in management is a key factor for the success of project promotion.
In the projects I participated in, I was particularly impressed by two things: among the employees of the enterprise, there are locals who love rice, and there are also many Northerners who like noodles. In the past, there has been no good way to make everyone satisfied with the food without wasting food. In the process of promoting the project, the employees put forward a good solution. When entering the factory every morning, the guard puts a box of noodle cards at the gate. Employees who need to eat noodles at noon take one. Then the guard reports the quantity to the canteen, which supplies noodles by ticket at noon.
Another is the training of occupational safety and health. After the training of risk identification, Mr. Jia asked everyone to go to the workshop to find hidden dangers. We found a lot of places that we don't pay much attention to at ordinary times. Through this incident, I realized that employees are most aware of the problems existing in front-line management. Employees are not only the discoverer, but also the solver, but also the direct beneficiary after solving the problems. I think score must have many cases of finding and solving problems like this.
The collection of these small methods is a good case set for the internal improvement of the enterprise. In the past, we relied on managers to solve this problem. Now we have mobilized all employees and gathered wisdom, which will be able to solve more problems in the development of enterprises. The satisfaction of employees has also been improved, and the overall image and internal cohesion of the enterprise have also been improved.
Q: After learning score, has it had a certain impact on your life or work? As you just mentioned, is it useful to do management within your company?
A: There must be some in this regard. In the past, our enterprise management must be based on some past experience. We always follow our own understanding of the behavior cultivation of employees and the methodology of solving problems in the enterprise. However, after learning score, I know that there is such an effective consulting and training method, which can help enterprises stimulate internal training power, and use a good group such as its own employees to consolidate the foundation of management and make up for the shortcomings of enterprise development, and then in this process to reduce business risks and improve internal efficiency, so as to improve sustainable development.
Of course, after contacting score, my life has been enriched. I will basically switch between three roles: a manager of the enterprise, a trainer in another project of the human resources and social security department, and a score consultant. When these three roles switch to each other, they will complement each other in knowledge and ability.
Q: What do you think should be paid attention to in the process of developing score project?
A: The most important thing is the support and consensus of enterprise executives. When we visited an enterprise in Ningbo, the boss would attend every meeting. Although the boss was very busy, he took time to communicate with us every time, fully discussed the achievements and problems in the promotion process, and successively announced a package of reward plans in the process, including the cost saved by carrying out score, Take out a part to reward employees; Set a score bonus of 100000 yuan to reward the corresponding personnel; Advanced individuals in the progress of score work are specially included in the annual reward plan of the enterprise. I think a well done enterprise has one important thing in common, that is, it is very important to get the support of enterprise executives and the recognition of the project.
In addition to the support of senior executives, the success of the project should also respect, mobilize and rely on employees in the process. During the visit to Ningbo enterprises, employees processed many tools and goods storage devices and made many small inventions by using the waste materials accumulated by the enterprises without increasing the budget. These small inventions not only solve the problems of employees in the workplace, but also improve work efficiency and increase income, but also improve the efficiency of the enterprise.
Finally, score should work hard for a long time. Score should be promoted in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise and should not pursue immediate results. It should be effectively combined with the enterprise's management system and cultural cultivation to form a long-term mechanism to ensure that it can continue to promote and achieve sustainable development after the consultation and training.
Q: After participating in the whole process of the project, what is your next plan?
A: The next plan is mainly in four aspects.
The first is to complete the consulting project independently and further grow and improve in independent practice.
The second is to promote the score project in our own company, enlarge the value of the project, make a successful case locally, and then further promote score in the northwest.
The third is to obtain a registered safety engineer to further consolidate their knowledge system and foundation, especially to supplement the knowledge reserve of the module of occupational safety and health.
The fourth is the opportunity to participate in score Trainer Certification, because I want to complete the whole process of enterprise consulting and training independently.
Q: Can you share some experiences or experiences of becoming a consultant?
A: Let me share three conclusions:
1. One more certificate is not difficult, but it is not easy to help an enterprise. Think, do, and finally get.
I have been tutoring an enterprise for more than a year. I think it is not easy to comprehensively help an enterprise achieve improvement. Getting the Consultant Certificate is just the beginning. To help an enterprise achieve improvement, you should seize the time and follow up the whole process of the project with the expert trainer. After follow-up, your understanding of the project will change greatly. Otherwise, coaching in the enterprise without practical experience may not get the recognition and good improvement effect of the enterprise.
2. Improving yourself and improving the enterprise complement each other.
When visiting enterprises and thinking about enterprise problems, you can improve yourself, including paying attention to ordinary people and things, some social policies, etc., which can also be applied to enterprise improvement.
I think contact score,