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BETTER WORK Executive skills trainin

executive skills training aims to enable executives and middle managers to have a deeper understanding of important leadership and management concepts. Participants are trained to avoid negative or authoritarian leadership styles and strike a balance between the interests of the enterprise and the interests of employees. The training objects of better work are executives and managers of manufacturing enterprises. Through better work, enterprises can improve the communication between executives and employees, strengthen the relationship between management and employees, increase employees' enthusiasm and morale, more effectively solve problems and reduce errors, so as to improve productivity and strengthen cooperation among departments

Better work is a flagship programme of the ILO. The expert trainers of SCORE Academy are authorized to provide Supervisor Skills Training (SST), a unique training course customized for enterprises.

How do enterprises benefit from this?

• Improved communications between supervisors and workers

• Enhanced management-staff relations

• Increased staff motivation and morale

• Greater productivity relating to more effective problem solving and fewer errors

• Enhanced cooperation between sections