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The SCORE "Human Resource Management" module training ended successfully!

On July 19th and 20th, the SCORE "Human Resource Management" module training organized by SCORE Academy and undertaken by Zhejiang Jiaotou Expressway Operation Management Co., Ltd. was successfully carried out in Zhuji. This training is for 20 internal consultants selected by Zhejiang Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Transportation Group"), and the whole course is taught by SCORE expert trainer Zhang Xian.

This issue of "Human Resource Management" module training is based on the "Workplace Cooperation" module, focusing on human management, human resources life cycle and other topics. During the two-day training, Mr. Zhang Xian and the consultants discussed the practice of SCORE in human resources work, and provided multiple cases on how to use related tools, methods, and processes to improve corporate management capabilities through the human resources module. And through a large number of tool applications and exercises, the consultants' consulting and actual combat capabilities in the human resources module have been improved.

Zhejiang Transportation Group started to carry out the SCORE project in-depth within the group in 2017. Through the years of practical experience of Zhejiang Transportation Group, we can see that when the SCORE method and "Workplace Cooperation" take root within the group, "Occupational Safety and Health", The development and implementation of "Human Resource Management" and other modules have also become more and more smooth, gradually forming a new model of corporate management that can be replicated and promoted with group characteristics, allowing more companies to benefit from it.

Nowadays, more and more companies pay attention to sustainable development, and more companies want to adopt a series of improvement measures to make the company develop rapidly. Before companies start to reform, paying attention to workplace cooperation is the first to lay a solid foundation. step. Here, SCORE College welcomes everyone to join the family of corporate sustainable development projects and jointly promote the sustainable development of Chinese companies!