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SCORE Academy 2022 is back!

Happy New Year to all SCORE Academy followers!

2022 marks a new beginning for the SCORE Academy as the management team of the ILO's SCORE China Programme joins the SCORE Academy, with Dr Zhang Xubiao as the Director of the Sustainability Academy (SCORE Academy).

Dr. Zhang started developing the SCORE methodology when he joined the ILO in 2007, and established the SCORE China Project in 2009, establishing extensive collaboration with multiple international and domestic partners on SCORE projects. From preparing to form the Academy in 2019 to joining the SCORE Academy in 2022, Dr Zhang has laid the foundation for the continued development of the SCORE Academy. We believe that the Sustainability Academy, under Dr Zhang's leadership, will build on the SCORE program and expand into broader areas of collaboration to continue to promote the sustainable development of Chinese companies.

In 2022, the SCORE Academy will be re-established with Michael Elkin, former Director of the ILO's SCORE Global Programme, as Honorary Director of the SCORE Academy, and senior experts and renowned scholars in the field of sustainable development in China will join the Board of Directors of the Institute for Sustainable Development. More of the country's top experts in the field of consulting will also join the Academy's Expert Committee.

In 2022, SCORE Academy will continue to expand the scope of teacher training, collaborate with leading consulting firms in China to train more professional teacher teams and expand the influence of SCORE programmes in the training and consulting market.

SCORE Academy will focus on promoting ESG management systems, integrating the SCORE methodology into supply chain ESG management improvement and performance rating, and exploring new opportunities for ESG management and assessment under China's "double carbon" policy.

SCORE Academy will also expand its business to neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific region to develop a package of solutions for responsible supply chains in the Asia Pacific region, work with relevant UN agencies to further develop training courses on responsible business practices, and pilot them in neighbouring countries to develop international cooperation projects for China's Belt and Road. Laying the technical foundation for the development of China's international cooperation projects.

In 2022, another group of multinational companies will join SCORE supply chain training, another group of new service providers will join the SCORE Partnership Programme, and another group of new trainers and consultants will join the SCORE family. Let's work together to continue to drive sustainable supply chain development.

We look forward to welcoming you in the new year!