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Zhejiang Expressway Co., Ltd. organized a meeting to conclude the SCORE project "Group Localization".

From January 11 to 12, the summing-up meeting of the 2021 Sustainable Development of Enterprises (SCORE) project of Zhejiang Transportation Investment Group was successfully held at Zhejiang Expressway Co.

On the first day of the summing-up meeting, participants visited the SCORE project demonstration station and observed the achievements of the project, such as the Golden Idea Glass Corridor, the team review and the integrated war room. "The following morning, the group was able to experience the importance of SCORE. The following morning, the three pilot units of Shaoxing, Ningbo and Huzhou Management Centre made a report and shared their experiences on the localization of SCORE, and also vividly showed the distinctive changes and important achievements before and after SCORE's "Group Localization" through a drama.

In 2021, Zhejiang Expressway Co.,Ltd. will conscientiously implement the provincial transportation group's plan to promote SCORE localisation pilot work, integrate the SCORE project into the whole process of production, operation and management of the unit, and build an operational motorway around the "bottom-up" concept. SCORE construction model, the SCORE concept and methods with the centre's safety production, team management, standardization and other work in-depth integration, the formation of a hundred flowers blooming participatory management characteristics of the template. The Shaoxing Management Centre explored the new concept of autonomous management of operating teams on a pilot basis, forming 5C, 3S, Liang Linya's working method and other team standardisation experiences and practices, giving full play to the driving force of SCORE construction at the grassroots level and setting an example for achieving higher quality standardisation of safety production in operating highways. Ningbo Management Center piloted the standardization of national level safety production standardization and SCORE method concept effectively combined, "double standard integration, two-way integration". Huzhou Management Centre pilot SCORE and safety and emergency, service drivers and passengers and other eight aspects of the combination, a comprehensive breakthrough SCORE is the concept of safety management work, closely combined with all areas of business development, the release of "important window" potential and vitality, little by little to make highlights, show the characteristics.

The pilot work of Zhejiang Expressway Co., Ltd. has achieved the goal of "group localisation" of SCORE from different angles and levels, and has been commended by the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission for its effectiveness and experience. By carrying out the SCORE "Group Localisation", it not only promoted the overall improvement of safety management, but also laid the foundation for further strengthening the overall management of the Expressway Operation and Management Centre, providing a safer and healthier working environment for the grassroots staff and an important platform for the grassroots staff to fully participate in the business development of the enterprise, so that The SCORE project will also provide a foundation for further strengthening the overall management of the Expressway Operations Management Centre, providing a safer and healthier working environment for grassroots staff and an important platform for them to fully participate in the development of the company's operations.

SCORE "Group Localisation" is the product of the provincial traffic group's continuous transformation, refinement, enrichment and development in the process of integration with the main business of highway operation and management by applying the world-renowned SCORE management concepts and methods, and is a model for the continuous deepening of SCORE construction, application of learning, integration and enhancement, and is a model for exploring the vitality of the group's grassroots staff in the process of learning from it. It is the carrier and platform for the grassroots staff of the Group to participate in the management of the enterprise, and a good mechanism to establish effective communication, respect and trust, so as to reach a benign state of enterprise management where everyone is a practitioner of enterprise management, everyone is a participant of enterprise management and everyone is a disseminator of enterprise culture. 

Zhejiang Expressway Co.,Ltd.'s SCORE promotion results are a new platform and new achievement for the provincial transportation group to enter the world's top 500 and benchmark with international advanced management experience and concepts, which opens up new areas, establishes new channels and builds new models for the comprehensive development of the sustainable development project (SCORE) in China, and makes outstanding contributions to the cause of sustainable development of Chinese enterprises. It has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of sustainable development in China.