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SCORE Academy provides SST Training for Uniqlo

From 22-24 February, SCORE Academy delivered Supervisory Skills Training (SST) to Uniqlo employees in Shanghai. The training was delivered by SCORE expert trainer, Mr Jia Hongwei, who delivered an exciting and informative programme. The training course supports and enhances consultation through detailed guidance on how to solve problems and improve workplace relations. the SST training included training on managing workplace health and safety, enabling workers and management to diagnose and improve their own grievance mechanisms, educating supervisors on how to manage workers, build efficient HR systems and much more.

Today, more and more brand owners are choosing to work more closely with their own supply chains to help companies in the supply chain better understand the importance of workplace dialogue and collaboration, and to take a systematic approach to addressing non-compliance issues in their factories. Supervisory Skills Training (SST) will be able to help different groups, global brands, business owners, unions and workers improve working conditions and make them more competitive by sharing the results of working methods and fieldwork that seek to influence decision makers to promote decent work and better business.

SST training can help management to better understand that partnerships at the factory level, where factory workers, managers and their representatives are empowered to take responsibility for their own internal issues, will benefit business, workplace relations and ultimately productivity.