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SCORE ACADEMY shares its experience in project implementation and replication for delegates from various countries

On September 26th, SCORE ACADEMY was invited to participate in the online SCORE Global Experience Sharing Meeting. The meeting was organized by the International Labour Organization, and the participants were SCORE project offices from different countries. The meeting was organized around the following agenda:

 - SCORE in Pakistan: context, challenges and opportunities
 - Expanding and Sustaining SCORE:
    Sharing of China's experience
    Experience Sharing in Ethiopia
    Sharing of Indonesia's experience
 - Discussion: How to develop strategies to ensure sustainability of SCORE?
 - Conclusion and Way Forward

SCORE ACADEMY is honored to participate and share the experience of implementing and promoting the SCORE program in China. In the past 14 years of promoting SCORE, the China SCORE program has achieved remarkable results and positively impacted corporate sustainability.

    Over the past 14 years, SCORE China has worked with different stakeholders such as the government, employers' organizations, trade unions, industry associations and consulting firms to expand the reach of SCORE China and benefit more Chinese SMEs.

    Since 2009, SCORE has been piloted in more than 14 provinces in China, covering manufacturing, textile, food processing, biochemical, transportation, services, apparel, retail, mining and other industries, and has trained more than 200 consultants.

    To date, more than 1,000 Chinese SMEs have participated in the six-module training (including Workplace Collaboration, Quality Management, Cleaner Production and Productivity, Human Resource Management, Occupational Safety and Health, and Gender Equality), and more than 230,000 workers have benefited from business improvements and achieved substantial improvements.

During the sharing session, SCORE ACADEMY emphasized the importance of developing a long-term strategy. In China, we have established a sustainable mechanism to ensure continuous learning and capacity enhancement for the employees of enterprises. the SCORE program has developed a detailed set of training programs, combining e-learning and on-site coaching, to meet the different needs of enterprises. At the same time, we establish long-term partnerships with companies to regularly track and evaluate the effectiveness of the training, thus ensuring that companies make continuous progress in sustainable development.

In addition, SCORE ACADEMY shares its experience on how to fully utilize existing resources. We found that many enterprises have abundant internal resources, but these resources are not fully utilized due to the lack of effective management and utilization. Therefore, SCORE ACADEMY puts forward the concept of "internal and external linkage", which is to cooperate with enterprises to stimulate and integrate their internal resources, and turn them into the power to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises. At the same time, we actively seek external partners to promote the SCORE program with governments, non-profit organizations and service providers.

We were inspired by our exchanges with representatives from countries such as Ethiopia, Indonesia and Pakistan. Representatives from Pakistan shared the challenges and solutions they encountered during SCORE implementation, emphasizing the importance of active government involvement and support. The representative from Indonesia shared their innovative approach in working with enterprises. The representative from Ethiopia, on the other hand, shared their efforts in promoting sustainability in the supply chain by building partnerships with suppliers to jointly drive improvements.

At the end of the sharing session, representatives from different countries discussed the topic of "How to develop strategies to ensure the sustainability of SCORE". Taking China's SCORE project as an example, to realize the sustainability of SCORE, it is necessary to develop a long-term strategy, make full use of the existing resources, set up an effective monitoring and evaluation mechanism, and actively exchange ideas and learn from other countries. countries. By continuously summarizing experiences and sharing good practices and lessons learned, we believe that the sustainable development of SCORE will be further promoted globally, and SCORE ACADEMY is willing to make joint efforts with the representatives of various countries to make greater contributions to the sustainable development of enterprises.