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The first session of consultant training in 2021 is successfully concluded

On April 18, the score consultant training of the ILO enterprise sustainable development project sponsored by score college was successfully completed in Guangzhou. The training lasted for four days. Score expert trainers Zhang Xian and Xu Wanli gathered in Yangcheng with nearly 20 students from 7 regions across the country to start the first score consultant training course in 2021.

In 2020, COVID-19 has brought adverse effects and effects to many enterprises, and enterprises are in an uncertain state in all aspects. This training added the training of business continuity plan module on how to achieve business continuity and sustainable development in crisis. The business continuity plan is a new module of SCORE project developed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in the field of experts for COVID-19's sustainable development. The module is integrated with the remaining six modules of SCORE to form a complete sustainable development system. At the same time, this training is also the first formal training for the consultant in the country.

This consultant training is divided into three parts, including two days of workplace cooperation module and one day of core methodology training for score consultants by score expert trainer Zhang Xian; Score expert trainer Mr. Xu Wanli conducted the training of business continuity plan module. During the training, Mr. Zhang Xian quickly brought the students into the learning state through the interactive training method of score, and combined with the practical cases of several score enterprises, taught the score knowledge to the students in simple terms.

During the one-day training on the business continuity plan module, Mr. Xu Wanli explained the contents of each module of the business continuity plan by leading the students to operate a large number of data models and analysis tools and combining the core methodology of score. Through the systematic study of the business continuity plan, the students have a more systematic understanding of the content of the module, expand everyone's vision, and help everyone pay more attention to business strategy, business operation and business value creation in the process of enterprise consultation. Everyone thinks it is rich in content and practical. In the future, the college will continue to carry out open class training of this module to help enterprises lead enterprises to complete the practice of business continuity through sustainable business thinking.

At the end of the first consultant training, all the students participated in the TOC course test. All the students who participated in the whole process and passed the written examination obtained the score Consultant Certificate. In the future, the college will work with them to help enterprises improve their management level, promote enterprises to respect workers' rights, boost decent employment and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.

With the in-depth promotion of enterprise sustainable development projects, more and more consultants and enterprises have joined the score family. Score college adheres to the mission of promoting the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises. We welcome more small partners who are interested in becoming score consultants to join us, become a member of score teachers, and work together to promote more enterprises to achieve sustainable development!