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SCORE China Experience sharing and forward looking workshop successfully concluded

On May 25, the experience exchange Seminar on enterprise sustainable development project jointly organized by the score project of the International Labour Organization and the score college was successfully concluded in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The seminar reviewed the highlights and unforgettable nodes of the score project since its implementation in China in 2009, exchanged the experience of consulting, training, project promotion and implementation accumulated in more than ten years, and looked forward to the future development direction of the project.

Seminar on experience summary and exchange of enterprise sustainable development projects

At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Zhang xubiao, score project manager of the Beijing Bureau of the International Labour Organization, and Zhang Yanyan, director of the China Enterprise Federation, made opening speeches.

Dr. Zhang xubiao sincerely welcomed the guests and said: "The more than ten years since the implementation of the score project in China have witnessed the rapid development of China's economy. During this period, score has helped many Chinese enterprises release their huge productivity and competitiveness. At the same time, in the process of project promotion, we are lucky to meet a group of like-minded friends, whether government organizations, excellent consultants, trainers or enterprises participating in the project Yue Ertong has formed a sincere cooperation team and established a deep friendship with everyone while jointly promoting the development of the project.“

The success of the score project is inseparable from the team. Dr. Zhang xubiao sincerely thanks all the experts and teachers of the score project who have provided high-quality consultation and training for the enterprise and all the participating enterprises who let us go deep into the enterprise to find and solve problems for the strong support and active promotion of the China Enterprise Federation, the emergency management department, the emergency department of Zhejiang Province and other government organizations.

Director Zhang Yanyan made an opening speech: "Since 2014, the China Enterprise Federation and the score project have cooperated, and score perfectly embodies the power of combining consultation and training. Looking back on the past decade, we have visited many enterprises, done a lot of promotion work, cultivated many excellent teachers and helped enterprises. At present, the score project is not in line with the national dual carbon goal and the strategic goal of sustainable development It is also hoped that the Beijing Bureau of the International Labour Organization and score college will introduce more new technologies of ILO to guide the majority of enterprises and promote the new development of the project.”

After the opening speech, the seminar officially began. The seminar is divided into two parts: reviewing the cooperation of score project in China and looking forward to the future of score project.

Part I reviewSCOREProject cooperation in China

In order to lead the participants to immersively review the cooperation of score project in China, Zhang Xian, President of score college, invited everyone to participate in the review and led everyone into the score time journey through the interactive way of group cooperation and drawing mind map. Based on their participation in the project, the participants reviewed their experience in the project, spoke freely and shared their first knowledge, cooperation, glory and future with score.

Mr. Jia Hongwei, an expert trainer of score, began to contact the score project in 2007. As the first batch of teachers to contact score in China, Mr. Jia expressed a lot of emotion and summarized his experience and feelings in the project over the past ten years. Mr. Jia pointed out that score is not only to impart knowledge, but also to train enterprise employees to help enterprises realize real change.

At the experience sharing session, President Rao from Zhejiang communications investment group shared some excellent practices and cases in the process of conducting score project for the on-site participants. Through the implementation of score, the pilot enterprises of the communications investment group established a virtuous cycle of workplace cooperation, realized the transformation of the relationship between enterprise management and employees, and stimulated the internal motivation of the enterprise, It also improves the safety supervision ability of the group company and the enthusiasm of troubleshooting and treatment of enterprise hidden dangers.

Through five years of practice, Zhejiang communications and investment group has trained hundreds of excellent consultants, and the score Project Secretary has taken the leading post through the score project. In this regard, President Rao said: "through score, you can change an enterprise or a person.”

Zhejiang Airport Group officially started the score project in 2019. Ms. Huo Yujia, a representative from Zhejiang airport group, shared the pilot work and excellent cases of the airport group for the on-site participants. Ms. Huo Yujia said that through the score project, Zhejiang Airport Group has established a number of effective mechanisms and found a lot of good experiences and practices. In the next stage, the airport group will continue to promote the score project and strive to build small and medium-sized airports in Zhejiang Province into a national safety model for small and medium-sized airports.

Score trainer Xue Qizhong shared his journey and training experience from EIT Secretary to trainer. Mr. Xue Qizhong said: "The development of score projects in the future will inevitably be a process of independent selection by enterprises, as well as competitive products in the market, and become a gold lettered signboard of competition among enterprises. How to produce brand effect, we need to constantly spread the concept of score, so that more enterprises can enjoy the benefits of the implementation, take points to areas, gather sand into a tower, and time can lead us to achieve it. I will also work together, Constantly improve their ability and contribute their meager strength.”

Finally, Chen Xiaotong, an expert trainer of score, led the guests to discuss the five aspects of score's training model and theory, consulting methods and tools, data collection and reporting, sustainable model, return on investment and the impact of training. Through the discussion, we fully exchanged project experience and put forward many valuable suggestions.

Part II Future prospect of enterprise sustainable development project

In the second part of the sharing speech, score trainer Zhao Yuhong shared her harvest and experience as a trainer in the project. Teacher Zhao Yuhong has been in contact with the score project since 2007. Through the score project, teacher Zhao Yuhong realized: "to become a good trainer, we should not only let the enterprise employees participating in the project learn and do it, but also let them help others, teach others to fish and transfer their karma.”

Then, Ms. Tao Ying, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Enterprise Federation, Ms. long Xiaolin, vice president of Chongqing Enterprise Federation, and Mr. Zhao Chunfu, former executive vice president of Dalian Jinpu New Area Enterprise Federation, respectively summarized the experience and prospected the future of the score project carried out in their provinces and cities.

Secretary General Tao pointed out that Sichuan Enterprise Federation is willing to cooperate with the majority of score related parties. It hopes to learn from each other's strengths and make joint efforts to help enterprises achieve real sustainable development in the future, and looks forward to becoming a better self through the score project with you in the future.

In the last interactive session, the participants, led by score expert trainer Jia Hongwei, had a wonderful interactive discussion around the product development space of score project.

At the end of the seminar, Elkin Michael, the global chief technical adviser of the ILO enterprise sustainable development project, made a concluding speech. Elkin Michael made a closing speech: "We can see the great impact and outstanding achievements of the score project since its implementation in China. 98% of the participating enterprises have achieved excellent performance in saving costs, improving productivity and enhancing competitiveness, far exceeding the expected objectives of the project. Looking forward to the future, the ILO will continue to support the promotion of the score project in China and promote the score project and South South cooperation One belt, one road, and more sustainable projects will help to achieve sustainable development in more supply chains.”